Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dreaming of a White... Garden Furniture

Wouldn't it be fabulous to have white cast iron garden table and chairs?? So romantic...
Back to reality, living in an ancient village filled with red earth coloured wooden houses is not quite the right surroundings for that. So far, I've managed to do with old wooden chairs that have red velvet seats. Very practical -- as soon as it starts raining the chairs must be brought in running.

Last summer, in a village party, one of my garden chairs got injured. The whole island was invited and everyone brought chairs and tables. After an afternoon of eating and drinking heartily, someone put the music on. One dancing couple - at least the heavier party - fell on one of my red velvet chairs and broke the leg. Not his, chair's, luckily.
That was not the only casualty of the evening. A plastic chair simply collapsed under an elderly sea captain as he was sitting on it, to his credit he's both tall and strongly built. Everyone was worried he should be taken ill, but no - having had enough to drink he just couldn't get to his own feet any more and as he was too heavy for anyone to carry him, had to be driven home. Which happened to be across the street, about 150 yards away.
One of the last people to leave lived a bit farther away and insisted he was fine to drive home and staggered towards his car. After a while he came back asking where the ignition was. Couldn't find it, someone must have moved it.

Well, the day I live in a French chateau it's time for those white iron beauties...

For more photos, see below.


  1. Tuommoisiin juhliin kun joskus pääsisi!!!

  2. Jep,
    tervetuloa vaan ens kesänä ;-)


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