Tuesday, 8 December 2009

What's happening?




It's quite difficult to make self-portraits trying not to show the camera, trying to catch the jumper and not the face, and having only a small mirror.
Why this? Well, I have a couple of jumpers I wanted to put on my webshop... and the jumpers didn't look their best hanging on the wall.

Instead of having great images of the jumpers I can now share details of my bedroom: original 1949 light blue wallpaper, original whatever decade mirror, my uncle's lovely painting from Lapland, a boy's sailor shirt from early 20th century found in the attic and a fantastic blue Christmas card from my Swedish friend Johanna whose son Sam did the drawing and the story (Express-train with coffee-making and a vagabond-ghost on the roof).

Yritin kuvata villapaitaa, mutta hudiksi meni.


  1. Villapaidasta viis, kiva kun näin taas jotain vilauksia kotoisesta kodistasi ;)
    Toivottavasti saat kuitenkin paitojakin kuvattua!

  2. Joo, jokunen kuva osui paitaankin. Näistä irtosi vaan lähinnä naurut---
    Täällä on niin kodikasta, tosiaan. Oikein ihmettelee miten raaskii lähteä välillä pois, mutta kun on töitäkin tehtävä ja onneksi ne työt on kivoja!

  3. I miss you you know!!!
    Keep checking your blog just too follow your steps a bit and notice that yes you are alive and seem to thrive.. Saila, I honestly miss you. Lots of things have happened since we spoke no doubt. Take care and if possible, it would be nice to talk. (Imagine you have Sams card up on a shelf - I will show your blog to him tonight..! - Very glad about that and I know what kind of smile he'll put on his face when he sees it)
    Love to you from Alnarp,

  4. Hej Mimis!
    Joo, det här kort är såååå jättesnygg, jag älskar det. Nå men du vet att livet med kattor ÄR speciellt rik. Och speciell.
    It would be extra-great to talk, I'm on skype, if you ever use it. This week's nightmarishly busy until Thu though... But whenever, yes! Min e-post adress finns på webshoppen, men du har det säkert redan, har varit samma på några två är.
    Du vet nog att vi ska aldrig tappa kontakt helt, bara att livet blir så hemskt krävande ibland. When needed, here we are one for the other.
    I was hoping you'd peek into the blog once in a blue moon and notice my little surprise there awaiting! Lots of hugs to Sam and yourself.


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