Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Hip hei paalut tuli

Se tarkoittaa sitä, ettei venevaja enää ole kaatumisuhan alla. Uudet paalut ovat neljän metrin syvyydessä. Enää ei tarvitse kuunnella tuulen ujellusta miettien, kestääköhän vajaparka vielä tämänkin talven yli.

Boat house repairs
Horray - the boat house has been re-pollarded! Meaning, I don't have to fret over it falling into the sea anymore. The last three winters I've been worrying it will not stand the pressure from the ice, at the same time hoping the ice would become thick enough for the work to be executed. Alas, it never did and therefore we needed to get a barge for the excavator. And it was no minidigger...!

Notice the two guys flat on the roof. They have not fallen from an aeroplane but are putting the roof sheets back on.

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